Sep 08 2008

Posture of the FPDT (Peoples Front in Defence of the Land) regarding new sentences.

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Posture of the FPDT (Peoples Front in Defence of the Land) regarding new sentences.


Today’s news outrages us and fills us with anger and rage but we will never stop speaking out.
Today Peña Nieto ordered a sentence to be handed down by his servile judges of the judicial branch of the State of Mexico and notified 10 of the 13 compas held prisoners in Molino de Flores of their 31 year, 10 month sentences in prison.

Peña Nieto also took sadistic delight in sentencing Ignacio del Valle to 45 years, to be added to his current 67 1⁄2 year sentence.

112 1⁄2 years in jail for our compañero Ignacio del Valle fills us with anger and we give notice to Peña Nieto that we’ll never shut up and we’ll never stop accusing him of being a rapist and a murderer.

He should know that his presidential aspirations will be cut short, that all he proudly ordered in Atenco and Texcoco on May 3 and 4, 2006—rape, murder, torture–– will not go unpunished, that it’ll be a dead weight for his presidential campaign and will put an end to his “political” career, that he’ll end up like his uncle Arturo Montiel on the sidelines bemoaning his stupid blunders.

Just as we’ve always done, we of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land will seek out the solidarity of all national and international organizations to bring Enrique Peña Nieto to a political trial for his grievous human rights violations during the events of May 2006 in Atenco and Texcoco.

112 1⁄2 years. We dare to predict that this fascist, neoliberal system will fall before then, that we, not our children, will live to see it.
It’s for them that we’re building a better world. So these moments of resistance are worth all the pain and sorrow. It’s for them—for our children.

We’ll also see how the politically repressive presidential dreams of Enrique Peña Nieto come to an end, and we’ll still be standing, watching him go down in defeat just like we saw Arturo Montiel and Vicente Fox go down because of a people who dared not to bow down to the interests of people with big money.

September 4
To Supreme Court
stand by for details

Carta Internacional
August, 2008

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