Sep 08 2008

Open letter in support of Atenco Prisoners

Category: english,The Other Campaignlaotravancouver @ 1:38 am

From Canada, we voice our discontent by the state repression and persecution against inhabitants of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico. Specifically, we condemn the new sentences given against 11 political prisoners. 10 of whom received 32 years of prison and one of them, Ignacio del Valle, received a total sentence of 112 years of prison. This act shows the bias of the legal system in Mexico that punishes the Atenco activists while corrupt government officials and police officers who commited torture and kidnapping and rape are let free.
We add our voices to the international condemnation the Atenco case has generated. We ask the release of all the Atenco political prisoners. Stop the repression against activists in Mexico and the world. Punishment to the repressors.

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