Support Indigenous Autonomy!
When you buy these products you are supporting autonomous educational & other projects in Zapatista communities of Chiapas, México which face constant threats & repression by the narco-mafiosi Mexican government.

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Café Ramona: Zapatista Coffee


Fair trade & organic certified coffee from the Mut Vitz & Yachil cooperatives in Zapatista territory, Chiapas, Mexico.

Available in Medium, dark, Viennese & French roasts
Ground or full beans
1 lb bag - $12
½ lb bag - $6.50
5 lb bag - $55

Named in honour of Comandanta Ramona, an indigenous leader of the Zapatistas who died of cancer in January 2006 - she was fundamental in promoting women’s participation & leadership in the Zapatista movement & remains an inspiration to women throughout México & the world.

Hand-embroidered & loomed Zapatista blouses & other creations

These blouses, huipiles, bags, cushion covers, etc. are made by indigenous Zapatista women from autonomous communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

When you buy these beautiful & original creations, you are supporting their autonomy in local government, education, healthcare & other areas essential to a dignified life.

Much of their creations carry the symbols of their struggle; the snail is the caracol, the centre of organizing & local government in each region; the cornstalk with people in balaclavas - the men & women of corn (as the Mayan people are known) in struggle.

EZLN stands for the Zapatista Army for National Liberation - which rose up publicly in 1994 against the marginalization & oppression that indigenous & poor people in Mexico suffer. Although the Zapatista women, men & children continue to suffer constant threats & repression from the Mexican government, they continue to struggle… for a world where many worlds fit.


Zapatista earrings

Assorted colours

$7 / pair



Zapatista blouses with cornstalk design with Zapatista faces

Assorted colours

$21 / each



Zapatista blouses with Caracol (snail) design with Zapatista faces

Assorted colours

$21 / each



Zapatista blouses with Zapatista women faces

Natural colour

$21 / each



Zapatista blouses with Zapatista women faces & writing “mujeres con la dignidad rebelde” (women with rebel dignity)


$23 / each



Zapatista blouses with long sleeves with cornstalk design with Zapatista faces

Black & natural

$28 / each



Zapatista halter tops from comitán with Zapatista flowers

(natural dyes from trees) - pink, grey, brown

$25 / each



Zapatista Huipil from Francisco Gomez

White & brown

$25 / each



Zapatista Huipil from San Andrés larrainzar

White manta (material) with red or purple hand-embroidery

$53 /each



Zapatista Huipil from San Andres larrainzar

hand-loomed with hand-embroidery - different colours of loomed material & embroidery

Medium:- $48 / each
Large:- $55 / each
Small girl’s sizes: $30 - $37



Santa Martha Huipil

White with different coloured hand-embroidery

$25 / each



Zapatista cushion covers from San Andres larrainzar

Hand-loomed with hand-embroidery - white with multi-coloured embroidery

$25 / each or $50 / pair



Burgundy Zapatista wool hand-woven bag




Zapatista Paliacate (handkerchief)

$10 / each



Zapatista Wool hand-woven & embroidered reboso (shawl)

Different colours

$55 / each



Little EZLN bags with zipper


$13 / each



Small EZLN drawbags

Red & black

$7 / each

Photo N/A

Zapatista leather hand-made boots from Oventic (with Zapatista stamp - “EZLN-made in Oventic”

Black & natural colours – short & tall

Starting at $65 & up



More items coming soon - including blouses from Totonaca communities in Puebla, and organizations in Guerrero that are part of the Other Campaign!

Please note that quantities and availability are limited.

e-mail to purchase or for more information.